What's A Dump Ass?

Everyday at work is full of surprises. There are times when a print shop delivers ahead of time in flawless fashion, and then there are other times that make you scream all types of profanity. Yes I have a bad attitude, a short temper, I'll be the first to admit it but you wouldn't know this side of me unless you have disrespected me or my team. And today that's exactly what happened. 

I was in the warehouse helping with boxes when I got a call from a printer to settle some invoices. It wasn't the best timing, but I took the call anyways and went to my desk to review paperwork. We were going over invoices and apparently this printer didn't have any of the documents in front of him. "STRIKE 1"

I made it clear, it's not the money (certain set up fees that I felt weren't appropriate totaled less than $100) it's the principle. What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. But if you guys insist that you were right then ok, I'll pay it. 

We clarified the three current invoices and then there was one more which I hadn't received pricing for. Now I'm the type of guy that doesn't like to owe vendors, so I take care of payment ASAP. So I'm following up on these charges, but weeks go by and I still haven't received anything. Then today when we planned to review all outstanding invoices, these charges still weren't ready. That's fine if you need more time, but this printer had the nerve to tell me "I'm busy, I've been busy, I haven't been in the office". Ok, that's when I got really upset. Who isn't busy in this game? "STRIKE 2"

Obviously we ended the conversation on a bad note because he couldn't give me the final charges that I asked for, yet they insist on holding onto our blanks and labels until the debt is cleared. No, I can't do business with these types of people who not only constantly make mistakes, but also don't have the respect for my time. 

And then a few minutes later a text message comes in (attached below). It's a clear admission of incompetence in my opinion. I've always tried to be a mentor and to help ambitious individuals grow in their businesses, but sadly enough some people just aren't worth the time. "STRIKE 3"