When Menus Lie

Normally  when I go to restaurants and I try a new dish I always ask "Does it come with cheese?" I learned my lesson one time in China when I ordered a hamburger (not cheeseburger) and it came with cheese... Yes you've probably figured it out by now - I am lactose intolerant.

Well tonight I revisited Javier's because I had this amazing seafood pasta last time. It took me awhile to locate the same entree but as soon as I did nostalgia took over of the perfectly-cooked noodles with this tasteful garlic sauce on the crab, shrimp, and scallop. The waiter told me last time it didn't come with cheese so I didn't think it was necessary to ask my cheesy question again. So what happens? Of course the dish comes with sprinkled parmesan flakes. I had to go check the menu again just to make sure I wasn't crazy, and no, it does not say "cheese" anywhere next to the Fideo Del Mar.

What I don't understand is if the menu doesn't say cheese why the fuck would you include it? But maybe I'm the dumbass here because no one apologized for this mishap, not the waiter nor the manager. So I guess everyone except me knows that seafood pasta normally comes with cheese? And Javier's, it's ok to leave off this crucial detail for people who are sensitive to dairy?

Fix the menu dammit, or offer an iPad version with pictures. At the very least, offer a sincere apology for the time you wasted because I'm a very busy person!